A few resources whilst you are gift shopping.

Welcome to our resources page. This is more of a links and likes page based on the hot topic of conversation on our lunch break. Travel ideas, music, food, businesses we like etc.

We are not affiliated with any of these companies, but rather we thought we would share some of our thoughts with you. Hopefully you will find something of use.

One of the team recently came back from a trip to Cambodia The company which was used was STA Travel every thing was to quote "tip top"...  praise indeed. STA Travel was born in 1979 (which coincidentally is the same year our founder was born) when two weary travellers returned from Australia. 40 Years later they help 2 million people start their global journey every year. Worth a look.

The restaurant of choice in Phnom Penh was Romdeng ... looks good if you like creepy crawlies.