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Collection: Bonded Chakra Stones

Bonded Chakra Stones

Bonded Chakra Stones, we offer a range of various shapes and sizes - Chakra sphere, eggs, hearts, palm stones, pyramid and chakra healing wands. Each one is handcrafted from the finest gemstones in seven coloured stones to represent each of the Chakras. Bonded Chakra stones are seriously esoteric and will delight you and excite collectors.


Gemstones have been used for centuries to heal. Many believe that each gemstone emits different levels of emotional, mental and spiritual energy which can have many beneficial effects on our well-being. Chakra gemstones work across the whole body and mind. These are artisan made so sizes and weights may vary slightly due to their handmade nature. We suggest you pair the product with a quality velvet pouch to add value.

Sizes and weights may vary slightly due to their handmade nature. 


Handmade in India

Finest gemstones

Bonded Chakra Stones

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